Friday, July 31, 2009

The Collector (movie)

THE COLLECTOR debuted this evening, so we decided to go. I hadn't seen any of the previews, posters, or heard any feedback and couldn't guess if it was a love story, an action adventure... THE COLLECTOR is brought to us by the same writers that did several of the latest SAW thrillers. So you guessed it... HORROR. I was stoked to be watching a good horror movie, as I hadn't seen one in a bit.


THE COLLECTOR is strong violence, very graphic, and let me even say it; disgusting. Perhaps I'm getting old? Is that the reason I feel so dirty? So filthy? Nah. THE COLLECTOR turned me off. The Collector will give you a glimpse of what a human monster is capable of. How a monster can torture and torture and torture. There wasn't really a plot, it was just 'let's watch this sick monster torture this family for an hour and a half.' It was repulsive. I guess it was good to be reminded that people like this exsist; but is it this entertainment? Is this even supposed to be entertaining??

Just felt like something I shouldn't have been watching. I do love a great scare, and I love horror... this was too much. Sick. Gross. Filthy. Sleeping with my gun tonight.
Simeon gives it a "Don't watch it."
Hayley gives it a "Gross."

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