Saturday, August 29, 2009

Final Destination 3D // Halloween II

Hey Lovers. Back home from the day job and have a few minutes to unwind with you.

Last night was our first ever Double Movie Premier Night & accordingly/fittingly/perfectly... It's all about Horror!
THE Final Destination 3d and Halloween 2!

The Final Destination 3D.
--Fun/Feel Good Death/Gore Movie.
--So thankful for another 3D Horror/Thriller movie!!

Amazing death scenes. That's what Final Destiny is known for. It's been a great series, with great graphic death scenes that occur in the most bizarre, vivid, gut ripping ways. We've also grown to love and expect to see the death happen; IE the camera won't pull away when the ice pick stabs through his eye and deep into the brain... we get to see it plunge! EXCITING!!

FD 3D brings it! Guts, missing eyes, heart pounding build-ups. Death, mangled bodies, and some humor. It almost feels like PG or even G Horror... then you get hit in the face w/some intense rated R! destruction! Fun, corny (a bit), entertaining, suspenseful. Intricate, complicated, gore satisfying doom. Cool it was in 3D. The happenings seem more supernatural this time around rather than being "coincidental." Flashed to Stephen King's Carrie.

Hardest scene to watch:
The Escalator. I gripped down tightly on my seat.
Scene most identified with: The Car Wash.

Hayley gives it 3 out of 5 stars.
Simeon gives it 4 out of 5 stars.

Had a couple of shots, then it was off to:

Mr. Zombie returns with his "final chapter" of the Michael Myers saga. House of 1000 Corpses, The Devil's Rejects, Halloween have all led Zombie to this moment, and his eyes are clearly focused on being one of the greatest horror directors of all time... To bury his name along side the legends that have influenced him over the years. Rob Zombie pulls out all the stops to create Halloween 2.

From the opening scene Rob grabs you by the throat and pours fear straight into your heart.
Gritty. Dirty. Violent. Brutal. Brilliant. Beautifully filmed. Raw believable terror ripping through the veins of his dying actresses. Costumes, colors, scenes, angles, sound... all top notch. I can not stress enough how impressed I am with the production of this movie. It's avan-garde, strange, and powerful. Interesting, thought provoking... GREAT JOB!

Rob paints a picture of Myers as a real person, not some supernatural/super-hero/monster/ immortal. A real life human being that is severely mentally deranged and extremely angry... then again, perhaps Myers doesn't feel anger at all, perhaps that's what is so scary about him, his complete lack of emotion.

Brutal & violent death scenes. Myers stabs through faces and chests with 20+ bone breaking blows. Over and over and over again. Myers is refered to as a serial killer, a title I hadn't thought to give him... and a tag that makes him seem even more real, even more capable of actually happening.

Psychosis, flashbacks, searching for his sister. Despite the amazing filming the story line was a bit bland and "blah." The flashback/visions touched on corny/abruptly thrown in at times. Or did they? I'm second guessing myself... oh well.

Hayley gives it 3 out of 5 stars.
Simeon gives it a 4 out of 5 (because the filming is so good.)

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