Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dinosaurs and Millions of Years.

I've been watching alot about dinosaurs recently... and fossils, and the newly discovered ancient human ancestor that that has the aposable limbed foot for gripping. All that stuff is so interesting.

This AM I was flipping through national geographic magazine and saw a picture that stopped me and exploded my mind with curiousity, wonder, and intrigue.

A loan GIANT Redwood standing two... three... five... SIX times taller than the next tallest tree in the forrest. The tallest trees in the world, are an extremly endangered species... A window into a different time, when things were much MUCH bigger.

"In the past 150 years 95% of all Redwoods have been cleared. The 5% that remain are still being liquidated... Costal Redwoods are the highest reaching organisims ON EARTH. The most ancient tree , some 2,200 years old, sprouted well before the birth of Christ. The forest exsisted in the time of the dinosaurs... yet today has been reduced to patches on a map." -- National Geographic October 2009.

In that photo I can imagine dinosaurs standing 30 feet tall grazing. It makes sense that the trees had to be so huge in order to feed the huge creatures. This earth that we both live on now has seen a lot. Seen a lot of amazing creations. I think of what the earth was like so long ago... what the atmostphere was like, how rich the soil must have been. What the air was like, the smells... what were the rain storms like?

Giants. Currently the tallest tree alive is a Costal Redwood standing 367 feet (112M.) found at Montgomery State Reserve near Ukiah, California, USA. Although it is currently the tallest living tree the tallest tree in recorded history was a Eucalyptus found in Watts River, Victoria, Australia with a height of 492 feet (150 M.)

Just imagine how big those trees could have been back in their prime... back when giants rulled the earth... millions and millions of years ago.