Wednesday, October 7, 2009

rainy day = no work at day job.

I am very thankful for my day job working at All American Super Carwash in Wichita Falls, Texas. It's how I make a living and it's allowing me to put myself and my wife through college. One down side to the wash is when it rains, we close. One upside to the wash is when it rains, we close. Thankful go my heavenly father GOD, that I've got some money built up to cover me for just such an occassion such as today.

And, closing on rain days allows me to work in the office. I'm working on setting up a simeon hendrix YOUTUBE site, so that I can keep hitting ya'll with the simeon hendrix videos you've come to love and cherrish, that previously have been posted on the DOWN-STARES site.
(DOWN-STARES.NET) if you don't know.

HHMM... going to do some studying today, working/learning illustrator.
Take care,
--Simeon 'FRANK SINATRA' Hendrix.

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