Monday, October 26, 2009

What's up...

Hey guys, tried to film a new video last night... and actually I did. Was going to make a DIY video for replacing your side mirrors on a '97 Dodge Ram Van. :) The mirrors they sent me were the wrong ones!! So oh well... if I get some time this afternoon I'll put together a video of what happened.

I did write and record a new song yesterday... first time I've recorded a song that I was playing guitar. I am happy with it and will be posting it up on my myspace today... ... check that this evening. Finishing up a couple vocal spots.

Also, finished a new art piece. The "painting" and the song go together, they were created together and I love listening to the song and looking at the "Painting"...


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  1. Powerful, thanks for the insight, expression. Take strength from the realization that You exist. In expression we find our existance.