Sunday, November 1, 2009

All Hallows Eve.

I've been pretty sick the last couple days, but mustered the strength to get out and enjoy one of our favorite days of the year...

All Hallows Eve (which was shortened to 'HALLOWEEN'). The Druids way way back believed that on October 31st all the dead people/spirits would have free passage to come to the physical world and haunt/do damage. So druids began wearing masks to scare off the spirits and protect themselves from danger.

When the Catholic Church and Christianity took over the land of The Druids, they obsorbed this tradition. Moving the Catholic Holliday of "ALL SAINTS DAY" from April to November 1st, making October 31st "ALL HALLOWS EVE.", which was shortened to Halloween.

The Spanish/Mexican American celebration of Dia De Los Muertos begins today and marks the celebration of All Saints Day (11/1) and All Souls Day (11/2); during which departed family members and friends are prayed for and remembered.

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