Monday, November 16, 2009

Green Bay Packers

F*CK YES. The Packers beat the Dallas Cowgirls last night at Lambeau Field. Man, it ALWAYS feels great to beat them! And it feels so good because Dallas is usually a great team, and Dallas has beat us so many F**king times!!

Yes, it is crappy that The Pack lost BOTH games to Favre and The Vikings, but winning last night somehow makes up for that... well, no it doesn't... it can't make up for that, but it feels great.

And as far as the quarterback situation at Green Bay goes... Aaron Rodgers is a GREAT quarterback. And Green Bay has a HORRIBLE offensive line, because of such deep injuries to the line.

PS, I'm still a fan and support of Farve, and after the Vikings won the first game in Minnesota, I wanted nothing more than for The Packers to destroy the Vikings when they came into Wisconsin.

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