Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Rejection and Approval (ARTIST).

Man, it's been hella busy over on this end as of late. Haven't even had a chance to get on the ol' computer and update you crazy mother fuckers. Been super busy with art, got comissioned for a few pieces (see below). Still haven't closed on the new house, but we're supposed to do that on Friday or Monday, so... we'll see what happens.

I was commissioned by Vernon College Cosmetology Department to put together a flyer for their 2009 Style Show. They were very pleased with the final product (as am I) and they APPROVED the final design and it was sent to the print shop this afternoon. Thanks, they were a pleasure to work with.

I've also been working with HR HENDRIX, helping her select and edit some photos she took of a beautiful family last week. I'll be posting up a couple of those soon to show you her awesome eye.

AND, I'm getting very close to my first ADOBE CERIFICATION TEST!! Next Friday, God Willing, I'll be taking the test for Adobe Illustrator... been studying hard.

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