Sunday, November 15, 2009

Water found on Moon!! I'm moving!!

Tell me that's not pretty awesome. That's a fact. That's not science fiction, that's not the Daily Globe or some other BS make believe hype-fantasy news weekly's made up story to sell a few papers... Scientists have discovered WATER on the Moon!

Let's think about this for a moment... WATER, one of the most fundamental and important building blocks upon which life is built, has been FOUND on the closest glactic neighbor to Earth. Think about that tonight when we gaze into the night sky filled with MILLIONS and MILLIONS of other Solar Systems and within those solar systems are Millions and Millions MORE planets... Imagine the possibility that life exsists elsewhere in the cosmos.

In other news, we're moving! God willing we will be signing the closing documents and obtain keys to our very first home! OUR FIRST HOUSE! I'll keep ya posted..

And it other HUGE news, I'm studying my **** off preparing for my Adobe Illustrator CS4 Certification Test which I will be taking on Tuesday morning at 10:30 in Denton, Texas. Let's do this!!!

Enough flapping of the gums... I gotta get to work.

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