Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Great Winter Blizzard of '09.

The Great Christmas Blizzard of '09. Either name works.

10am on Christmas Eve. Enjoying the snow.

By 11:45 the snow was getting bad! I realized if we were going to make it to Burkburnett, we had to go now!! My heart started pounding... Hayley didn't really belive how bad the conditions were outstide.

5 and 1/2 hours later we had gone 15 miles. We've been sitting at a complete stop for over an hour now. We can't use the heater because we're milimeters away from running out of gas. It's cold. And scary.

A caravan marching - through fridgid cold
Between allys created - by bodies of fallen kamrads

Calls to 911. No heat. No gas.

It was a blizzard. It's all they were talking about on the T.V., on the Radio news. "Interstate 44, the artery that flows between Texas and Oklahoma sits in gridlock; disabled, crippled by a natual disaster. A blizzard North Texas hasn't seen the likes of in over 100 years strikes on the busiest travel day of the year."


It was near pandamonium. Claustrophobic.
Chest pounding. Heart racing...
Will we run out of gas?
Get it together. Reassured.

En route we saw over FIFTY stranded ducks wading helplessly in the muck. STUCK. A ghost town. A ghost village. Strewn Wreckage. Forgotten Souls.
-The Pack Marches On.

Deeper and deeper into the North. Into the storm.
A caravan marching inch by inch through frigid cold.
Through allys lined with the bodies of our fallen Kamrads.

Interstate 44 North and South. Christmas Eve.

Hayley and I were very fortunate that we left Wichita Falls when we did and that we were able to make it safely to Burkburnett. Our trip lasted nearly 7 hours, to travel 20 miles. We later found out that many people had to sleep in their cars, and were stuck, stranded sitting motionless in line on the highways all around the north Texas area.

The storm caught everyone off guard. No one was prepared for it, or expected it.

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