Thursday, January 14, 2010

Zombie Liquorice - Polarized

So most of you probably already know that I'm in love with a company called Zombie Liquorice, right? Zombie Liquorice ( puts out limited edition, totally custom, totally unique zombie t-shirts and posters. I love ZL. They've been putting out shirts for about 14 months now and they riz-ock so hard!! F*CK!

Prior to Christmas I owned 3 Zombie Liquorice shirts (Gut Eater, Midnight Snack, and Voyeur) and had missed out on a couple bad ass designs that sold out... so I was excited and anxious for their new releases...

I give to you...
Simeon's FOURTH Zombie Liquorice shirt: POLARIZED!!This is the second joint colab between Zombie Liquorice and artist Joshua Andrew Belanger ( Their previous team up ('Not Yeti Dead') sold out before I could purchase. Boo.

HUGE THANK YOU to HR HENDRIX for taking the shots. Hayley you did a great job and I mucho respecto tu ojos. "you rock!"

Fun project. 5 stars. stoked!

Purchase a shirt for yourself here.

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