Monday, February 15, 2010

Conan The Barbarian

Last night began 'TWO WEEKS WITH ARNOLD'. An adventure to watch, explore, and review 14 Schwarzenegger movies in 14 nights; and to document my feelings toward Arnold during the course of this clinical evaluation.

Why Arnold? Why 14? I'm not an Arnold freak, but I am a fan. My review on Terminator Salvation sparked an interest and curiosity regarding Arnold and a light bulb went off! "TWO WEEKS WITH ARNOLD!!" What an interesting story! Will I have troubles making it two weeks straight? Will I grow sick of Arnold? What will I learn? Time will tell.

Two Weeks With Arnold Night 1
Conan The Barbarian (1982)

Conan The Barbarian is my earliest memory of Schwarzenegger. This was his seventh movie, his FIRST blockbuster, and to me this is where it all began.

Young Conan's village is invaded, raped and destroyed. During the madness all men and women are slaughtered, children are captured and reborn into slavery. Conan bares witness to his mothers execution and vows revenge upon the King (James Earl Jones) who took her life. Conan grows strong and becomes a killing machine... but will he ever find the man responsible for his mother's death?

This movie was actually a lot better than I thought it would be (Hayley agreed.) The outside landscape (shot mostly in Spain) is breath-taking, good fight scenes, suspensful, monsters, witches. Kinda reminded me of old Bruce Lee movies at times. I did notice there wasn't a whole lot of talking... more acting. High Point: Conan being attacked by a blue Japanese sex witch.

Simeon gives it 3.75 stars.
Hayley gives it 4 stars.

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