Sunday, February 28, 2010


I'm 13 days into the madness. Tonight, I really wanted to chill out, maybe watch Saw VI... but I stepped up to the plate and streamed Eraser on my computer via Netflix. I'm sitting here one night away from the finishing 'Two Weeks With Arnold' and I still haven't seen any of the Terminators, Jingle All The Way, or Last Action Hero. What to do? I think we'll be seeing some overtime issues... this might turn into an 18 day event.

'TWO WEEKS WITH ARNOLD'. An adventure to watch, explore, and review 14 Schwarzenegger movies in 14 nights; and to document my feelings toward Arnold during the course of this clinical evaluation.

Two Weeks With Arnold Night 13
Eraser (1996)

Arnold looks much older. He's starting to look like Governor Schwarzenegger. Eraser is only two years older than True Lies but Arnold is 30 years older. That's crazy. While it was good, it wasn't anything special. Cliche. Arnold looks like he's in the 8th round of a 12 round war... worn out. Fatigued. Desperate. I feel like I've seen this movie before, and I've never seen it. It's not a cliche to Arnold's other movies, it's a cliche to New York City, flying heli-copters, boat docks, gun trading and the mafia.

They do put an intelligent spin on the movie when they make Arnold an "Eraser" who erases people's lives and makes them disappear. And in true Schwarzenegger fashion, there are lots of explosions.

Will Smith could have played John Krueger (Arnold's character.)
Simeon gives it 3.25 stars

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