Sunday, February 21, 2010

True Lies

Good evening, thanks for tuning back in. Tonight we're broadcasting live from the Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge 25 miles Northwest of Lawton, OK (Video coming soon!). We stole a TV & a VHS player on the way up here so we wouldn't have to miss out on Two Weeks With Arnold! This place is peaceful and majestic; the perfect backdrop for some great movie watching!!

'TWO WEEKS WITH ARNOLD'. An adventure to watch, explore, and review 14 Schwarzenegger movies in 14 nights; and to document my feelings toward Arnold during the course of this clinical evaluation.

Two Weeks With Arnold Night 7
True Lies (1994)

It seemed like destiny, Hayley and I on the perfect getaway... camping in the woods, watching a great movie to keep us warm. It was a refreshingly chill February night, light rain, thunderstorms. True Lies was the perfect movie.

Arnold ups the ante with True Lies going all in and comes up big! Teaming with director James Cameron (Titanic, Avatar), Jamie Lee Curtis (Halloween, Activia), Tom Arnold (Rosanne), & Tia Carrere (Wayne's World) Schwarzenegger helps to create the most expensive movie ever made (up until 1994.) The money is well spent. This movie rocks so hard. It's an absolute joy to watch.

True Lies is a cinematic masterpiece; adventure, action, love, comedy, hot chic cat fights, stripping, intelligent dialog, suspense, jets, missles, nuclear war heads. It's a renewed love story. The perfect date movie. The perfect guys-night-out movie. The perfect girls-night-in movie.

Jamie Lee Curtis is a clumsy, awkward, sheltered housewife. Arnold is a superhero spy pretending to be a computer tech geek. She has an affair with a used car sales man that is pretending to be a superhero spy. Arnold catches them and raids their date, pretending to be a terrorist. While everyone is pretending a real life nuclear bomb-carrying-terrorist drops in for a visit! Jamie Lee Curtis and Arnold must put their differences aside and join forces to save the world from total annihilation!

Simeon gives it 5 stars!
Hayley gives it 5 stars!

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