Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Last night was round 9!! of 'TWO WEEKS WITH ARNOLD'. An adventure to watch, explore, and review 14 Schwarzenegger movies in 14 nights; and to document my feelings toward Arnold during the course of this clinical evaluation.

Why Arnold? Why 14? I'm not an Arnold freak, but I am a fan. My review on Terminator Salvation sparked an interest and curiosity regarding Arnold and a light bulb went off! "TWO WEEKS WITH ARNOLD!!" What an interesting story! Will I have troubles making it two weeks straight? Will I grow sick of Arnold? What will I learn? Time will tell.

Two Weeks With Arnold Night 9
Twins (1988)

I had a knot in the pit of my stomach... A deep uncomfortableness and uneagerness to watch and review Twins. Disgusted. Turned-off. I prematurely dismissed Twins as a 'second-class movie,' a waste of time. I ignorantly assumed I wouldn't like this movie. I sincerely apologize to Arnold and Danny... I was so wrong.

Twins is a warm, heartfelt, funny story of a brother's unconditional love for his family. Schwarzenegger and DeVito's chemistry on stage is undeniable and beautiful. They react and play off each other as if they were truly twin brother's... incredibly close and comfortable. There is an understanding between the two of them, a compassion and mutual respect/love. I am extremely fortunate to have experienced this movie. Thank you guys for making Twins!

Twin brothers separated at birth grow up living polar opposite lives. Arnold is raised isolated and sheltered on a tropical island by a brainiac scientist. Danny is sent to live in an orphanage and is raised by the streets. Some 40 years later Arnold finds out he has a twin and sets off on a world wide manhunt to find his brother; leaving his island home for the very first time. The two meet up in the big city. The juxtapose of DeVito's gruff, street-wise, tough guy attitude mixed with Schwarzenegger's naive childlike wonderment is heart melting.

The true highlight of this movie is watching Arnold & DeVito enjoy one another. Twins is a satisfying emotional high, it fed my soul... BRAVO!!

Simeon gives it 5 stars!!

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