Thursday, March 4, 2010

Goodbye Arnold... I'm sad.

'Two Weeks With Arnold' is over... We crossed the finish line. I've cried and shed my tears. I miss you Arnold. I've drank myself to sleep each night. I made a video (below) allowing myself to grieve...

'TWO WEEKS WITH ARNOLD'. An adventure to watch, explore, and review 14 Schwarzenegger movies in 14 nights; and to document my feelings toward Arnold during the course of this clinical evaluation.

Speaking of sad... I've got alot of love and pain in my heart about DOWN-STARES. It's a hurt that confuses me so. I'm unable to put on the screen all the emotions I have relating to. I've tried typing and I just erase and retype. Perhaps I was guaging success by the wrong barometer. Those men that I created with I will forever hold a special spot in my heart for... no matter the anger we might of held for each other, we're brothers.

I watched an AMAZING video interview w/Glassjaw, it's brand new 2010, the first interview they've done in SEVEN years. It's fucking killer. WATCH THE VIDEO INTERVIEW HERE.

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