Saturday, April 3, 2010

Taking myself to the next level

I've been fasting for what seems like several weeks now... cutting out excesses. Today marked the start of my 3rd week of working out at Gold's Gym. I'm in love with it. Thank you Brandon "Marlboro Man" Lewis for getting me in their and signed up!!

I'm studying a lot at ... putting all the puzzle pieces together to create "the perfect work out/nutrition plan. Yesterday three pieces of the puzzle came together. 1.) I bought a bottle of Multivitimins, and yes Dad you've been telling me to get one for years!! 2.) I realized that I while I have been a strong participant in puch-ups over the years, I have completely totally neglected the lower part of my pecks (decline push-ups). 3.) I've got the "perfect breakfast" ... 2 eggs, 1 cup of oatmeal, & a bannana.

I'm going to photograph myself, and see how my body changes over the next two months, starting today. I'm counting the last few weeks as "warm-up." It's go time.

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