Sunday, June 27, 2010

Tattoo Artist Spotlight - Jason Dugan, WFTX

As a lover and collector of tattoo art I keep my eyes and ears open for amazing pieces and solid artists. I'd been hearing alot about an artist named Jason Dugan at Altered Images Tattoo in Wichita Falls. I'd seen several of his pieces around town and they stopped me dead in my tracks and blew my mind; the crisps-ness and vivid-ness. This dude is a maniac, unique and untouchable. I had to team-up with him and this past month I finally got my chance!!

I found that Jason and I had a lot in common; California, Bakersfield drag strips, growing up as artists inside a family of gear heads... Lining Jason's booth are autographed photographs of old hot rod/drag racing legends like Big Daddy Don Garlits and Sherlie Muldowny. There are trophies from tattoo conventions he won around the US, San Diego Chargers pennats and awesome surrelist-esque paintings.

 Jason graduated top of his class from Laguna College of Art and Design circa 2004 where he was trained in ultra realistic traditional painting in the vein of the master Michaelangelo.

Jason Dugan has been tattooing since 1994 and is known for his mind melting free hand tattoo art, meaning he excelles when he uses no stencil, no flash, just drawing on skin and tattooing as he goes along. That's another way we're connected... freestyling. I love to free style music and writing he loves to free style permant art into people's flesh.

The pain involved with getting this piece was brutal!! I was blacking out, fading in and out, half asleep, half awake... in my nightmare Jason was an abusive step father that would come home and beat us children. "Give in to him" I kept telling myself. I would send my body to some other place submitting to the beatings.

I'm glad Jason never asked me if I wanted to stop because I would have bailed much ealier. We pushed through and put in 3 hours of work and we're about 65% complete with the tattoo.

(65% done w/tattoo. the moon/sun were pre-exsisting)

Bravo! Jason Dugan is the real deal and so is Altered Images Tattoo in Wichita Falls, Texas. They both consistantly turn out top notch quality. I also have tattoos from shop manager Matt Skelton and have seen strong pieces from Rusty Biscamp and Joe Koncelik.

UPDATE (11/11/11) -
Jason Dugan is now working at Design Masters Tattoo in Wichita Falls.

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