Monday, July 12, 2010

Artist Spotlight: Mack Carter 'The Bike Guy'

Mack Carter builds bicycles.
Huge, strange, fantastic bicycles the likes of which you've probably never seen before. The kind of bicycles you would only read about in a children's story... Our wildest imaginations come true.

Functioning bicycles that stand 10 feet tall. Bicycles made out of washing machines, hospital beds, and old antiques pulled away from the grave. Bicycles that drive forwards and bicycles that drive backwards. Two-seaters, Three-seaters, Four-seaters, Five-seaters! Bikes that swim, bikes that float, bikes that pull burning sculptures around a moat. Lowrider bikes, tricycle bikes, unicycle bikes!

Mack Carter is a mad scientist genius that has been creating one of a kind bicycle customs for the past 7 years. His creations can be seen turning heads on the streets of Iowa Park and Wichita Falls. My good friend Sean Sinister (It Hurts To Be Dead) has a custom Lowrider 'Mack Bike' and it rocks.

'The Butcher Shop' - Mack's laboratory and work shop. All supplies that have gone into the construction of his bikes have been donated by local supporters, encouraging Mack to continue to dream his incredible dream.

Mack has been featured twice in the Times Record News (landing the front page of the Sunday paper a month or so ago), the Iowa Park Leader, and twice on KAUZ Evening News. He cares about the community and is noticeably thankful for the strong embrace the cities have given him... he's an all-star!

Thanks for letting me come out and spend the day with you Mack. I love what you're doing and the boundaries you're pushing. Keep up the great work! You rock!!

Mack Carter wants to build a 'Mack Bike' for you! If you'd like a new custom bicycle or would like to donate to the cause, contact Mack today! I'm going to be working with Mack on a small custom tricycle that I can display in my house.
--Mack Carter on FACEBOOK


  1. Wow...I remember Mack from youth group at New Life. His mom is awesome, too. Great story, Sim.

  2. thanks so much tracie. i really appeciate the feedback.

  3. I agree! Mack is a good guy, and his creativity is inspiring!!!