Friday, August 13, 2010

Adobe Illustrator Certification Results

I studied extremely hard and I now know Adobe Illustrator very well. Last November when I first took the test I made a 40%. I felt confident going into the test today, but not cocky, I knew the test was very difficult.

So I failed again. I made a 56% and passing is a 65%. Fuck. 9 points! After weighing my options, do I really want this certification or not, and talking with loved ones... I've decided to seek out more training materials and retake the exam as soon as I can make it happen, probably 2 weeks to a month. I want to finish what I've started, knowing me and the man I am, I won't be satisfied until I do.

Illustrator Exam, you are an extremely difficult and worthy opponent. I repsect you and concede your victory today. Enjoy it. I will return and I will defeat you. This is not over.

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