Saturday, August 28, 2010

Bury Your Dead

I'm obssesed with the new Bury Your Dead album 'It's Nothing Personal'. Driving, face slamming music, that also brings in some great melodies... I would say in the vein of Paulson (I know!), 5 Finger Death Punch, Skindred, & even some Breaking Benjamin... but with a killer underground street credit twist. Fresh and awesome.

They've got a new singer on this album, Myke Terry, and he's a SINGER. He's also black and has long dreds (Nonpoint anyone?) I was waiting for the vocals to start screaming when the break downs kicked in, but he sings. Don't get me wrong, he brings a strong growl at times, but nothing predictable or cliche. It's flippin' sick and I love it.

Bury Your Dead are playing melodic metal/hardcore w/an emphasis on melodic... and touring w/everyone from Nonpoint to Throwdown to Machine Head to thrash-metal-monsters Suicide Silence and everything in between. Goes to show there is a place for melody in violence.

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