Sunday, August 15, 2010

Why Adobe Illustrator test?

Many of you have been asking, "What's the deal w/the Adobe Illustrator test?", "What will you gain from passing and receiving certification?" and "Why are you taking it?"
I'm passionate about graphic design/web design. I've been designing T-Shirts, posters, flyers, business cards, websites, stickers, etc. for the past 11 years w/out any formal training. I'm hungry for 1.) knowledge in graphic design/web design to strengthen me as a professional designer 2.) a "paper shield" (degree/certification that I can add to my resume and hang on my wall.

I talked with alot of universities, did alot of research on the web, and landed on Adobe's Website reading up on their Certification program. ADOBE is the Undisputed Heavy Weight Champion in the graphic design/web design world, manufacturing the powerhouse programs: Adobe Photoshop (photos), Adobe Dreamweaver (web layouts), Adobe Illustrator (illustrations, layouts), Adobe InDesign (books/magazines), Adobe Flash(animated web images).

If I did go to a university the major bulk of the education would be training on how to use Adobe programs. I decided to go with Certification through Adobe. If afterward I still crave more education/training then I will go from there.
Adobe Certifies you as a "Master" when you have received Certification in each of the programs listed in the "suite". So you see, Illustrator Certification is the first step towards receiving "Master" status from Adobe.
CS Design Master
Adobe® Acrobat® Professional
Adobe InDesign®
Adobe Illustrator®
Adobe Photoshop®
CS Web MasterAdobe Acrobat Professional
Adobe Dreamweaver®
Adobe Flash®
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop


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  2. Thirdly, to use scanned images as background elements within your drawings which can act as guides and points as reference for the artwork you create. And, finally, to base new elements you create on elements that already exist within your drawings.Adobe CS5.5 Design & Web Premium