Sunday, September 5, 2010

LOGO CREATION - The Mayan Corporation

Brand new logo for 'The Corporation', a team from the Ultimate Fantasy Football League. It was a great project allowing me to test hands-on my new Illustrator knowledge/questions.

My brother Scott owns 'The Corporation' and asked me to channel the spirit of the ancient Mayan people as inspiration for the piece; telling me that the Mayan people were the first corporation and were the inspiration behind the team name. Excellent.

I discovered: The Mayan people believed in world ages (suns), and believed that the birth of 5th world sun world occur with the death of the 4th world sun in 2012. The end of the world we now live in. This death and rebirth would be ushered in by the Jaguar god. Interesting.

The jaguar, the sun, the number 5, and dollar signs ($$)...


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