Thursday, September 23, 2010

Tomorrow is test day.

Tomorrow I'll be re-taking the Adobe Certified Expert exam for Adobe Illustrator CS4. This will be my 3rd attempt, God willing I'll pass... if it's in the plan for me. Each time I've failed the test I've gone back to the books, learning tremendously MORE about Illustrator.

I now understand my real world uses for Illustrator, the possibilites excite me. Adobe Illustrator is an excellent tool for creating logos, illustrations, posters, web graphics, business cards. I'm able to draw in Illustrator with a realism that I have yet to achieve with pen and paper... this excites me.

I feel like I have learned the importance of Illustrator, the power. A couple months ago I wanted to "hurry up" and move past Illustrator to begin work/studying a new program. Then, I didn't think in my graphic design world I would have a practical use for Illustrator. I was wrong, and my eagerness to look past Illustrator was met with two humbling failed attempts at certification.

I'm excited to create with Illustrator. A whole new world has opened up for me, expanding my artistic arsenal. Here's to the future...

"Education is everything... Once you have a knowledge base, the world is yours." --Jacob Bannon (Converge).

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