Saturday, October 23, 2010


Clint Eastwood is a director that I relish; I have an appetite for, a strong liking of... I like him. His movies (Million Dollar Baby, Gran Torino, The Changeling) are profound. They demand discussion and consideration. When I heard he had a new movie, I was already sold, but then to learn he was teaming with Matt Damon (The Talented Mr. Ripley, Ocean's 11, Good Will Hunting) "HEREAFTER" became a must-see, must-write about.

Clint takes his time with the movie cruising along at a cool, calm, confident 55mph. Even the gripping scenes approach nonchalantly then fade back effortlessly into the review view. A master storyteller. No rushing up to, no long pauses, no jump out scenes to make up for insecurities. Cool. Calm. Confident.

A psychic, death, tragedy, loss, longing.
The filming is beautiful, the acting is great. Tears.

I left the theater thinking about God and man. The afterlife and all we don't understand. Reflecting on a side note mentioned on the History Channel that humans have existed on earth for 200,000 years. 200,000 YEARS!! They also said the ancient Egyptians possesed the ability to create flying machines. Yet we LOST all recollection of the knowledge, not to regain until some 100 years ago!?! What has REALLY been going on all these years on earth?!

Hayley gives it 4/5 stars. Simeon gives it 5/5 stars.

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