Sunday, March 13, 2011

LOS is back!!

A great friend of mine LOS is back with brand new music, a confident swagger, and killer artwork! LOS and I worked together on his sophmore album from 2005 - "Where I'm From". We co-released his album on Motion E Records (my first record label) and Trill Productions (LOS' production company).

Now it's 2011 and LOS is back breathing confidence and maturity deep into the microphone, surrounded by thick bass bumps and infectious beats. It's excellent to hear LOS killing the mic again.

This man kills forever.

LOS - Heard Of Me? - Ha - 2010/2011 Trill Productions

Here's a link to a song from 2005:
I'm Gon Beat Dat Hoe - LOS and Simeon Hendrix

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