Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sobrevivimos. (We Survived Summer 2011.)

The summer of 2011 was the hottest summer in recorded history for Wichita Falls, Texas.  The Weather Channel listed our city of Wichita Falls as the number one suffering city from the summer of 2011*.  We shattered all the records: 52 consecutive days of temperatures over 100 degrees, 100 total days of temperatures over 100 degrees, 32 record highs & tied record highs so far this year**.
[*source:] [**source:  KFDX 3 Weather.]

To celebrate and document this significant time in our lives and the history of Texas, I have created a poster print called "Sobrevivimos.  (We Survived Summer 2011.)"  We are selling these high quality 13''x19'' prints for $10 and 100% of all the proceeds will be donated to the American Red Cross of North Central Texas.

Simeon Hendrix Sobrevivimos We Survived Summer 2011 Wichita Falls Texas

Here's raw uncut footage of me talking with KFDX news about "Sobrevivmos." and our fundraiser for the American Red Cross.

View the edited KFDX News broadcasted report here:
Texoma's Home Page - "Culture Crawl Will Help Local Artist Give Back"
Giving back to the American Red Cross.
Hand in hand with the monumental temperatures, Texas has been hit with drought and wild fires the likes of which Old Timers have never experienced before.  As of September 23, 2011 over 3.7 million acres have been burned, 2,742 homes have been lost, and over 4,000 other structures have been destroyed***.
[***source:  Wikipedia.]

Each year, the American Red Cross responds to disasters all through out Texas. Trained Red Cross Volunteers and staff are ready 24-hours-a-day, year-round to meet disaster-caused needs of people in our community.  All disaster assistance provided from the Red Cross is free of charge.  The program is available through the generosity of the American People****.
[****source: American Red Cross]

Follow our journey via the photo documentary on Facebook.
Click the photos to view the documentary.

Follow our journey via the photo documentary on Facebook.

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