Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hayley California - Experimenting w/Knowledge

I spent last night experimenting with some new knowledge. The result is a piece I call 'Hayley California.'  It's huge, I created it at 20''x20''.  But of course we can print it even bigger.  Working w/blending modes, halftones, skewing, vectors, gradients, overlays.

On a side note, my heart and soul ache today. I'm wearing, breaking down, acting out. God please give me the wisdom to address and resolve my inner demons. For the sake of myself and my family.

Click image to enlarge:
Simeon Hendrix Hayley California Graphic Design Wichita Falls Texas

Here's a mock up of how 'Hayley California' might look on your wall at home. Thanks to Union 206 for the living room photo.

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