Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Metal Ghandi and a Grizzly.

And the first winner is Michael Proctor!  Thanks to everyone who played along a couple days ago on Facebook.  I asked ya'll for help; suggestions for a new painting I wanted to do.  "A famous person and an animal." .. GO!  You guys gave so many great ideas, thank you! I'm going to have to do more than one piece.  The first winner is Michael Proctor, he suggested "Ghandi with a Grizzly Bear."

I loved the idea.  I give to you:  Metal Ghandi and a Grizzly!  On tour now!!!  In envision them as a kick ass metal band, that totally shreds earth!!  Don't be surprised if end up recording their theme song.  First I did their logo, which was so much fun to create.  Then I drew up Ghandi,  added the textures, grizzly, and finally the 'on tour' stamp.  Enjoy!

Metal Ghandi and a Grizzly Bear.  Tour poster by Wichita Falls graphic artist Simeon Hendrix.

I feel huge inspiration running through me.  Ignited from talking and listening to great artists like Jeff FinleyBrandon Rike, William Beachy, & James White (Signalnoise) a few weeks ago during Weapons of Mass Creation Fest 2012.

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