Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Weapons of Mass Creation Documentary - Sneak Peak!

It started with a dream.  To somehow get to Cleveland (from Wichita Falls, Texas) and visit the MECCA of graphic art & design in the US: Weapons of Mass Creation Festival.  I dreamed of soaking it all in and being inspired by the amazing artists who would be speaking and displaying artwork at WMC Fest 3.  Ah, but it was just a dream...  we had literally zero extra money I could put into the journey... I couldn't actually make it come true... could I?

simeon hendrix travels from Wichita Falls Texas to Cleveland Ohio to document Weapons of Mass Creation Fest.

Then one night while lying in bed calm as can be, I received the solution I'd be praying for. A divine message laid upon my heart, "Simeon you will fly to Cleveland and DOCUMENT Weapons of Mass Creation Fest. The answers are within you. Be obedient and follow your heart."

I took a leap of faith.  Two days later, after a few emails, I had the blessing and warm welcome from WMC Fest and Go Media (presenting sponsor) to fly to Cleveland and document their festival!  They even listed me as a Media Partner for WMC 2012!  Awesome!! ...  BUT I still had to find a way to finance the entire thing...

wichita falls texas graphic artist Simeon Hendrix invited to Cleveland to document Weapons of Mass Creation Festival.

So a ton of brainstorming ensued and "how the hell am I going to raise the money to travel with a camera man from Wichita Falls, Tx to Cleveland, Ohio... how the hell am I going to raise the money needed to rent professional audio/visual equipment?"  I literally had ZERO personal money that I could invest into the project.  We have a young son and things are very tight around the house.  So I had to find another way.

Simeon Hendrix brainstorming how to get to Cleveland to document WMC Fest 3.

I did a lot of praying, a lot of freaking out and a lot realizing I was in way over my head (and I loved it.)  I scheduled meetings with successful business geniuses whose opinions I greatly respected.  I got sponsors, one, two, three, four,... FIVE.  I printed fundraiser t-shirts, I booked the flights, I rented the equipment;  Then, we flew to Cleveland and interviewed some of the greatest artists in the world; all while enjoying an inspirational festival like nothing the world has ever known.

Simeon Hendrix with Jeff Finley and William Beachy at WMC Fest 2012.
w/William Beachy & Jeff Finley (Go Media / WMC Fest)

PLAY the video to watch the sneak peak:

COMING SOON -  "Simeon Hendrix Goes to Cleveland to Document WMC Fest!" ... follow my complete journey from dream, to brainstorming, to problem solving, to gathering sponsors, to interviewing and enjoying WMC Fest.

Simeon Hendrix goes to Cleveland to document Weapons of Mass Creation Fest 2012.

In the background of this adventure is a brilliant story of two brothers, coming together to create something extremely positive and bigger than the both of us. I am thankful to God for the time I was able to spend with my younger brother Scott Hendrix, who accompanied me to WMC Fest as my camera man, assistant, body guard, support system. Thank you Scott. Since we've grown into adults, we've not had much one-on-one time together; "You will never know how impactful the trip and experience was (to me.)" He text me several days after returning home.

Simeon Hendrix and Scott Hendrix at WMC Fest 2012.

Stay tuned for the full documentary!


  1. hell yes what a awesome duo...You going to the can film fest this year with this documentary...You are build my interest i am really wanting to see the footage...shop it to all the film fests in the doc category...I know the talent between the two of you...what an awesome piece i will be that's all i know...

  2. o I see the video now found the player sneak preview.awesome ..BIG TEASE...

  3. Glad you enjoyed it. We can't wait to unleash the full documentary!

  4. sim frog and his bro scott st good pic