Friday, January 25, 2013

Continuing Education - Weekly Recap - Week 2

I've recently reactivated my education account with and have been excitedly training every morning, sharpening my artistic skills. is an amazing online library with videos taught by industry leaders in design, web, photography, etc.  Lynda makes me feel so good... soaking in the words of the great.

It's been a very productive week or so, I've several recaps I need to share:
Illustrator Insider Training:  Type and Text

  • Learned:
  • New shortcuts, tabs are powerful and cool and useful
  • OpenType Dialog Box has many powerful alternative text options like ff appear and fractions appear
  •  I like Myriad Pro Semibold Italic
  • Optical kearning
  • Tab leaders allow to easily create form
  • Tabs easily align items in a list, like decimals or @ symbols. 
  • Text Styles are like CSS for web design = allow you to change one font style and it can ripple through multiple instances and instantly change all.  
  • Columns in area type.  
  • Also learned it's possible to select only the path of a text, rather than selecting the entire object/bounding box of a type object... this is helpful if you have an object directly below your type and you can't quite grab it b/c the type is in the way, allows you don't have to toggle lock and unlock the type to grab the object below.
Two Thumbs Up.  Instantly begin utilizing new knowledge on rack cards and brochures I'm currently building.

Print Production Fundamentals
  • Learned:  
  • Extensive look at the various types of printing and the flow in which artwork is submitted to print.
  • PDFs are meant to be "final"/"sealed", more or less uneditable; used for printing or previewing.
  • InDesign is a powerful program that offers packaging of art to send to print - packages up all fonts used, linked files/artwork, etc. and puts in a nice folder you can then send to the printer.  
  • Spot colors don't print well w/blend modes, or don't print at all! 
  • I want to experiment with letter press printing = elegant, time honored, exotic stocks, usually one color. 
  • Use protective coating to protect metallic spot colors. 
  • Rescale raster image up and down in Photoshop with out losing quality? ... first convert to Smart Layer.
  • If using drop shadow/glows in Illustrator and will be printing - Effect> Document Raster Settings> Resolution> 300 DPI
Two Thumbs Up.  Excited to experiment with different printing techniques, high five (more often) our printers, and learn InDesign.

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