Monday, January 7, 2013

Jerry Uelsman & Maggie Taylor - 'This Is Not Photography' - Course Review

I reignited my graphic art continued education this past week and reactivated my account to is an AMAZING self paced online library of cutting edge video courses taught by the premiere leaders in their respective fields; with extensive, easy to follow, exciting, up-to-date courses covering: Photoshop, Illustrator, Photography, Web, etc.

 I used during my training to become Adobe Illustrator Certified Expert a couple years ago... I LOVE I must give a HUGE thank you to Mrs. Jackie Hoegger and Hoegger Communications for supporting me in my endeavor for continued artistic growth.

In order to get the maximum out of each course, I'll be writing a review.

Jerry Uelsmann and Maggie Taylor, This Is Not Photography. Course Review.

Jerry Uelsmann born in 1934, is an extremely talented photographer and photo manipulator, who creates fantastic dream like images that leave the audience stunned with amazement. What's most impressive, Jerry does all of his multi-photo layering in a dark room, without use of any computers! Decades ahead of his time, Jerry Uelsmann was perhaps the main influence for the creation of the now widely used digital powerhouse, Photoshop.

Oceans flowing into bedrooms, ships sailing across skies of clouds, houses/castles growing out of tree roots... Jerry Uelsmann is a surrealist genius photographer and print maker. Jerry fell in love with photography when he was 14 and began his multi-layered photo manipulation experimentation in the late 1950's while attending Rochester Institute of Technology.

Jerry Uelsmann, Artist, Photographer.  This Is Not Photography Course Review.

Uelsmann began teaching at University of Florida in the late 1960's earning many awards and accolades. In 1984 a very talented and genius photographer Maggie Taylor  (born 1961) enrolled in his classes to peruse work towards her Masters degree. Taylor was greatly inspired and impressed by the Uelsmann's work.  The two developed a strong mutual respect and friendship and ultimately got married in 1989.

In the very early 1990's Macintosh came to Jerry Uelsmann and demonstrated to him a brand new product they were developing, Photoshop.  Macintosh were greatly impressed by Uelsmann's dark room photo manipulation techniques and were striving to recreate those techniques digitally using the power of the newly developing personal computer.

After hours and hours of the Photoshop demonstration, Uelsmann loved the idea but had no desire to leave his dark room and enter the digital world.  Maggie Taylor, however, who had been silently watching over Uelsmann shoulder the entire time, saw an entire new world of opportunity and instantly fell in love the new possibilities.

Maggie Taylor, Artist, Photo Manipulation. This Is Not Photography Course Review.

Maggie Taylor immersed her self in learning the personal computer and Photoshop.  Today her portfolio is filled with haunting digitally created dream scenes.  Taylor scans gold fish, keys, baby saws, doll house furniture, Victorian photographs then layers them into Photoshop and meticulously edits and creates her final photo.

I think it's awesome that these two artists live and thrive together.  Two completely different artistic techniques, both completely in love with each other and their craft.  I see a strong comparison to their life and the life that I choose to live with my wife, the amazing photographer Hayley Hendrix... two artists pursuing their craft encouraging one another, sharing the joys and pains of life together.


  1. Great article Simeon.

  2. Thanks for reading Nathan! I appreciate that!

  3. works for me...the experience with pc and photography has given me a new way of self to create

  4. Thanks for reading Dad! I also love to create with the computer! It's awesome to see that Jerry Uelsman did all that in a dark room!

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