Sunday, January 20, 2013


Good morning all.  I'm overhauling the entire site.  And this time, I'm going to do all my updates gradually and let ya'll in on the building process.  So, rather than just launching a brand new version 5.0... you'll notice things might be different every day you stop by, as I tweak and adjust.  Please, give me your feedback along the way!  Let me know if you like or dislike changes I'm making.

For starters, I'm wanting to go with a brighter site, hence the new blog layout.  Also, I've got a new logo in the works, my plan is to keep a white/black image of my face, just like the current logo... but on the new verison, you might see a big bright smile on my face.  :)  It's 2013 and I'm walking more into the light. Thanks for walking with me friends.  Enjoy the renovations to come!

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