Thursday, March 28, 2013

Logo & Business Card - Never Fail Car Audio

It always feels rewarding to create great artwork for my family. There's something energizing about strengthening our core and raising everyone up together. Sharing in the success and knowledge of the group, together.

My brother David is an amazing man. He loves mechanic work, hot rods, car audio stuff... He's a genius really, and I'm not just saying that because he's my older bro. He rocks. So when he came to me and asked for something awesome for his new car audio company, Never Fail Car Audio I knew we were going to have fun!

Award Winning Logo and Business Card Design - Never Fail Car Audio by Simeon Hendrix

Award Winning Logo - Never Fail Car Audio by Simeon Hendrix

Award Winning Logo - Never Fail Car Audio by Simeon Hendrix

Award Winning Logo - Never Fail Car Audio by Simeon Hendrix

Big thanks to our friends over at GoMedia for the mock-up templates!


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