Thursday, May 1, 2014

From August to August - A 52 Week, 52 Episode Commitment to Exercise and Personal Improvement

From August to August is a 52 week, 52 Episode commitment to exercise and self improvement. I've had such a difficult time staying on track and committed to exercise. I am starting this in order to hold myself accountable to my friends and family. Each week I commit to working out 4 - 5 days per week and I'll also dabble on mind expanding things like reading positive thinking books, etc. At the beginning of each week I will record a new episode, detailing my current state of mental and physical health. I look forward to watching this evolve into something profound and beneficial to my life.

I've been inspired to do this by:
A man who committed to watch the movie Dazed and Confused every day for an entire year; he didn't complete the year, in fact I think he only 40 days in, but I was so drawn and intrigued by his experiment. That Dazed and Confused experiment led me to 'TWO WEEKS WITH ARNOLD' where I watched an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie every day for two weeks and recorded my thoughts. Another source of inspiration is from my friend Jeff Finley, who in order to improve his Break Dancing skills, started 'BREAKDANCE PROJECT 52' where he recorded his rehersal every week for 52 weeks... I think Jeff got 10 episodes in before putting the project on hold.

I will update this entry with new episodes and news regarding 'From August to August'.

Week 0 - First episode Aug. 18th, 2013.
Week 4 - This week I implemented no eating past 8:30pm during the week.  I realized I was wasting a lot of food intake during this time.
Week 10 - Had a fun time making this episode.  Experimented with creating layers in Photoshop and importing them into Premiere.  Learned a lot.
Week 12 - Began using and reviewed the My Fitness Pal app - Awesome!!  Helps keep track of caloric intake and gives a daily budget to work within.
Week 15 - Live from San Antonio.  First time ever to shoot using three cameras at once. #Rad
Week 16 - 17 - Began slipping, back sliding.  Taking time away from diet to over indulge for the holidays.  I gained the joy of sugary over eating, but also lost self control, motivation and focus.
Week 20 - January 2014.  Focused, thankful.  Honestly evaluating who's running my show.
Week 21 - Live from downtown Wichita Falls.  Further advancing with videography.
Week 22 - Powerful episode, times getting mentally tough.
Week 24 - Entering a moment of enlightenment.
Week 27 - Live on location for the new AndyB Apparel Mini-Movie
Week 28 - Heavy.  Reflecting upon some very intense things that happened with close friends.  A realization I need to seek professional help in order to obtain mental peace.
Week 29 - 32 - Lost.
Week 34 - Began working out at Family YMCA (a bonus from being part of the Wichita Falls Nighthawks team). Haven't been underneath a weight bar in almost 4 years, it feels incredible...  But, also hit a big roadblock.  Frustration and real talk.

From August To August 52 Week Commitment to Exercise and Self Improvement.  Week 10.

52 Week Commitment to Exercise and Self Improvement, Week 15.

Simeon Hendrix, From August to August Week 20.

Simeon Hendrix, Week 21 of From August To August.

Simeon Hendrix, Week 22 of From August To August.

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